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Golden Health

Melbourne's leading Acupuncture and HERBAL MEDICINE Clinic

Bringing bodies back into balance


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Womens Health

We support women’s health at every age and stage of life. Whether you are seeking treatment for reproductive health issues, pregnancy or fertility, we have safe, effective and non-invasive therapies that provide support at any step of the way

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Advanced Acupuncture

We understand the challenges of pain, anxiety, infertility, injuries, or anything that throws your body and mind out of balance. Acupuncture is one of the few complementary approaches that has a scientific background, and has helped people around the world treat a wide range of complaints and problems.

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Chinese Herbs

Chinese and botanical herbs are a powerful tool to restore the body to balance and health. Through the use of teas, herbal tablets or the external application of herbal pads and ointments, we create a program exclusively suited to your needs and conditions. Our herbal remedies are expertly crafted, and all our herbs are high-grade.
Farzaneh offers a safe and healing environment for fertility treatment via acupuncture. Trained through the prestigious Chinese Medicine Degree at RMIT in Melbourne, Farzaneh Ghaffari has also accrued qualifications through Clinical Internships both in China and Europe and is a highly respected local acupuncturist.