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Your first consultation

Your first visit will last approximately 60 minutes and include a thorough lifestyle analysis, as well as a discussion of your health concerns and goals.

We take the time to fully asses your current state of health before prescribing treatment, which may mean asking questions that might not appear to apply to your condition. During the appointment, we will take a thorough history and examination including, as appropriate, traditional pulse and tongue exam to gauge initial indications on the energy flow or Qi in the body.

A treatment will follow in this initial consultation and afterwards, we will spend time advising you on the optimum course of treatments suitable to achieving your optimum health.


  1. Wear light and loose clothing so that you can be comfortable during your treatment
  2. Try to eat a light meal around 2 hours prior to your visit. It is best not to eat anything too heavy, nor be too hungry when undergoing an acupuncture treatment
  3. Bring a list of any medications you are currently taking including vitamin and mineral supplements
  4. Be honest in your lifestyle appraisal – this will help us provide the very best treatment program for your specific set of health concerns

Follow up treatments

Given the holistic approach of traditional Chinese medicine, no two treatments are ever the same, however, most acupuncture treatments insert anywhere between 4–15 needles and last 60 minutes depending on your health care needs.

After inserting needles and applying a heat lamp to the area relating to the Meridian channel being worked on, we will leave you to rest in a softly lit room filled with the sounds of ambient music for around 20 minutes to allow time for healing to occur. The effect of acupuncture and Chinese herbs are cumulative and it may take anywhere between 2–5 treatments before changes can occur in the body.